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Here are some examples of the bowls that I make. The large bowls are 24 cm dia by 5 cm high. The lattice squares are 21 cm sq by 7 cm high.The woven bowls are 22 cm dia by 4 cm high. The small bowls are 13 cm dia by 4 cm high. The cone bowls are 16 cms by 5 cms high.

Any of these designs can be made in your choice of colours.

Bowlgridyellowredblue Bowlgridyellowredorange Bowlgridgreenpinklavender

Large Bowl, grid, blue, red, yellow. £120

Large Bowl, grid, amber, red, yellow. £120

Large Bowl, grid, green, pink, lavender. £120

Bowllatticered Bowllatticepinkopalbluecopy Bowllatticeblueindigotintcopy

Beachballs & Candyfloss £165

Furious Winter £165

Glorious Summer £165

Bowlwovenavengreenyellowopal Bowlwovenblackwhiteopal

Fruitful Autumn £165

Vibrant Spring £165

Bowlconethickquadstripgreen Bowlquadconeambersiennacopy Bowlconequadstripblue

Green Cone Bowl £120

Brown & Red Cone Bowl £120

Blue & Lavender Cone Bowl £120

Bowllinearmulticolour1 Bowllineardeepplumsteelblue1

Pink & Blue Lattice Bowl £75

Red Lattice Bowl £75

RosiesShorehamBowl1copy Bowllineardeepplumsteelblue Bowllinearblueamber

Linear Bowl in Blue, Green & Plum £120

Linear Bowl in Blue, White & Plum £120

Linear Bowl in Blue & Amber £120

Bowlpenrosegreenredamberslumpedcoldworked Bowlpenroseaqblplumamber BowllargeclearPenrosepattern

Penta Bowl in Red, Green & Amber £120

Penta Bowl in Yellow, Green & Blue £120

Penta Bowl in Blue, Violet & Amber £120

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